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ATAQ unites close to two thousand men and women who share the same attachment to the Standardbred horse. All these people have joined the association in order to insure the growth of the sport and have mandated the association to protect their jobs in the trotting and pacing world of Quebec.


ATAQ’s mandate is to represent its members in negotiations with the racetracks and government authorities. Whether you are an owner, breeder or professional, your collective support brings strength and recognition to the association, allowing it to negotiate an equitable sharing of the revenues generated by your activities.

ATAQ supplies several services, including a liability insurance for drivers, trainers and owners. Also,owners benefit from sulky insurance.




Sulky Insurance

All owners benefit from our sulky insurance. Any accident occurring on a racetrack during the parade or race is covered by the association, up to a maximum of $1500, with a deductible of $50. The coverage includes the Hippodrome 3R, the Regional Circuit and Rideau Carlton racetrack.

Liability Insurance

All members are protected during racing programs at any racetracks in Canada as well as Regional Circuit events, beginning two hours before and ending one hour after the program. ATAQ offers this third party liability insurance covering guests in the paddock, winner’s circle and spectators. Maximum protection is $5 millions.

This insurance is complementary to that offered by Standardbred Canada.




ATAQ also exists to promote Harness Racing. Its involvement on many committees is a concrete example that ATAQ operates in this field in a well-thought out manner.